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Why “I Love You” Wills Really Don’t Say “I Love You”

Prepared by: Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel, Inc. As Valentine’s Day brings heart-shaped chocolate boxes and roses by the dozen into your imagination, seize the moment to learn about the drawbacks of “I love you” wills and introduce yourself to the estate planning move that’s actually going to ensure you do well by your loved ones: a lifetime beneficiary trust. Rise above the misconceptions No aspect of estate planning brings out as much emotional decision-making as the division of assets…. Read More

How to Choose an Executor for Your Will

Prepared by My Dollar Plan   Death isn’t something we look forward to, but when it comes to our finances, it is an important topic. If we simply do nothing, we can potentially leave our loved ones with less of our wealth by not taking appropriate actions. Even if we do plan for death and leave a will, it isn’t completely smooth sailing. There is the issue of choosing an executor for our estate. I am going to walk you… Read More

Wills of millions of Americans now available online

Written by Mark Pratt, Associated Press   Wills of millions of Americans, including nation’s most famous citizens, now available online. BOSTON (AP) — Paul Revere left all his household furniture to an unmarried daughter. Harriet Beecher Stowe bequeathed her stock in several railroads and a Florida orange grove to her son. Daniel Webster willed a beloved grandson a gold snuff box with the head of George Washington on it and all his fishing tackle. Eli Whitney left two nephews $1,000… Read More

Wills & Beneficiary Designations

Written by Carolyn T. Geer   Naming the wrong people or failing to update documents can create a mess for your heirs! Think your Will will take care of everything when you pass away? Well, that is not always the case. In many instances your Will only takes care of assets that do not already have named beneficiaries such as your home, car, and jewelry. Retirement & investments accounts, life insurance policies, even US savings bonds have beneficiary designations so… Read More

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