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Get the most out of the Social Security system

You’ve paid into the system for years and now as you approach retirement, it’s important to maximize your benefit. Cash flow is key to a successful retirement and waiting to claim your benefit can dramatically improve your income. Take a look at the Social Security website, sign up for your online account. Familiarize yourself with the world of “Social Security Math.” You’ll be glad you did. Review Your Benefits

All About Credit Scores

Prepared by Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc It’s difficult to imagine functioning in today’s world without credit. Whether buying a car or purchasing a home, credit has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Having easy access to credit goes hand in hand with having a good credit score, so it’s important to know how to maintain a positive credit score and credit history. Read more here.

How to Protect Your Small Business from Cyber Threats

Prepared by Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. Risk management is a key component in any successful business plan. In today’s world — where data breaches are common occurrences — it’s especially important for business owners to understand the digital risks they face. Are you doing all you can to mitigate the risk of a cyberattack? The importance of cybersecurity Many small-business owners may think their organizations hold little appeal to hackers due to their small size and limited scope. However, according… Read More

5 Travel Spots That Just Got Cheaper for Americans

By Patrick Gillespie Honey, grab the kids: we’re going abroad. Much of the world is on sale for Americans right now since the U.S. dollar is enjoying one of the strongest moments in modern history. Just about everything from hotels to luxury handbags to McDonald’s hamburgers is cheaper abroad than in the United States right now. When you take dollars to the foreign exchange booth, you get a lot more of another country’s currency back than you used to. Read more here.

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