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Tax refund savings calculator

Expecting cash back this year from Uncle Sam? The money’s yours to spend as you choose. But find out first how much it would earn if you tuck it away. You might be surprised. Calculate your savings here.

The Alternative Minimum Tax — Not Just for the Wealthy

Prepared by Financial Planning Association Synopsis: The alternative minimum tax (AMT) is an alternative tax system that parallels the regular federal tax; if you’re already paying at least as much under the regular income tax as you would under the AMT, you don’t have to pay it. But if your regular tax falls below this minimum, you have to make up the difference by paying the alternative minimum tax. The AMT was originally created as a fallback tax for wealthy… Read More

Tax Strategies for Retirees

Prepared by Financial Planning Association Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes. —Benjamin Franklin That saying still rings true roughly 300 years after the former statesman coined it. Yet, by formulating a tax-efficient investment and distribution strategy, retirees may keep more of their hard-earned assets for themselves and their heirs. Here are a few suggestions for effective money management during your later years. Less Taxing Investments Municipal bonds, or “munis” have long been appreciated by retirees seeking a… Read More

IRS Reminds Business Owners of New W-2 Filing Deadline

Prepared by: Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. In October 2016, the IRS issued a reminder to employers and small-business owners of a new January 31 (SSA). The accelerated deadline, which was enacted as part of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act passed in late 2015, is designed to help the IRS spot refund fraud and issue refunds more quickly. Read more here: IRS Reminds Business Owners of New w2 filing deadline 1672729.1

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