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Social Security Issues New File-and-Suspend Guidelines

Written by: Mary Beth Franklin April 29 deadline looms for those who want to take advantage of current rules. Anyone who is 66 or older and submits a request to file and suspend their retirement benefits by April 29, 2016, will be able to take advantage of current rules that allow a worker to trigger auxiliary benefits for a spouse or dependent child while the worker’s own benefits continue to grow up until age 70. The official deadline of April… Read More

Avoid local Social Security offices and file for benefits online

Written by Mary Beth Franklin As confusion over filing rules continues, some complaints about false information emerge. My email inbox continues to fill up with complaints from financial advisers and individuals about false information they have received at their local Social Security offices when they attempted to file and suspend their benefits before the April 29 deadline. The frustration is palpable and some have even turned to their members of Congress for help. Learn more here.    

Social Security Tips for Couples

Prepared by: Fidelity Three strategies that may help married couples dramatically boost their lifetime benefits. There are many benefits to marriage, but one you may not yet have considered is the flexibility married couples enjoy when deciding how and when to claim Social Security. Even though the basic rules apply to everyone, a couple has more options than a single person because each member of a couple can claim at different dates, and may be eligible for spousal benefits. Read… Read More

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