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10 Years and Counting: Points to Consider as You Approach Retirement

Prepared by: Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc   If you’re a decade or so away from retirement, you’ve probably spent at least some time thinking about this major life change. How will you manage the transition? Will you travel, take up a new sport or hobby, or spend more time with friends and family? Should you consider relocating? Will you continue to work in some capacity? Will changes in your income sources affect your standard of living? When you begin to… Read More

Family Money: Failure to Communicate

Prepared by   Fidelity study finds parents and adult children at odds on when to talk about finances. In life and money, timing is often everything. And that’s particularly true when it comes to sensitive family discussions about retirement security, eldercare, and estate planning. According to Fidelity’s latest Fidelity Investments’ biennial Family & Finance study,1 Approximately 9 in 10 parents and their children see the importance of having frank conversations about a number of issues affecting parents when they… Read More

5 Questions to Ask Yourself 5 Years Before You Retire

By Elaine Floyd, CFP® Retirement planning takes on added urgency the closer you get to leaving your job. Imagine your future by looking at the major factors: housing, activities, lifestyle, life expectancy, and unexpected events. The first step in any retirement income plan is to envision your retirement and make some decisions about how you will live. This, in turn, will inform your budget and your retirement income plan. If the numbers don’t support the life you have in mind,… Read More

Strategies for Building a Laddered Retirement Portfolio

Prepared by: Financial Planning Association If the goal of saving for retirement is to provide financial security, then a key objective of retirement portfolio management should be generating a stable stream of income while preserving investment principal. Bond laddering is a strategy that may address both aspects of that key objective. What Is Laddering? A bond ladder is a portfolio of bonds with maturity dates that are evenly staggered so that a constant proportion of the bonds can be redeemed… Read More

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