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Longevity Risk and Retirement Income

Prepared by: Financial Planning Association Key Points • Live Long and Prosper • Protecting Your Retirement Paycheck • Developing a Diverse Income Strategy • Adding Annuities to the Mix • Accounting for Growth • Points to Remember How long might you live in retirement? Think carefully. Your answer could influence whether you have enough money for a comfortable retirement or just scrape by. According to pension mortality tables, at least one member of a 65-year-old couple has a 72% chance… Read More

What Happens to My Retirement Assets in the Event of a Divorce?

Prepared by: Financial Planning Association Federal law requires that participants in employer-sponsored retirement plans designate their spouse as their beneficiary unless the spouse waives this right in writing. Assuming that you and your spouse adhered to this practice, a document known as a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO), which is part of a divorce settlement, specifies how retirement assets are divided. A QDRO specifies the amount or portion of a plan participant’s benefits that are paid to a spouse, former… Read More

3 Retirement Planning Tips for Couples After Valentine’s Day

Prepared by: LifeHealth Pro Failing to address what it takes to save enough for retirement could result in anything but a sweet surprise down the road. This Valentine’s Day, most couples likely spent their dinner dates reminiscing about meeting for the first time, gushing over well-selected gifts and commenting on how lucky they were to get a reservation on such short notice. It’s a safe bet to assume that they didn’t discuss their retirement plans. Learn more here.  

Retirees: Six tips for volatile markets

Prepared by: Fidelity Investments Your portfolio and withdrawal strategy can help you weather ups and downs of the market. A big drop in the value of a retirement portfolio is enough to give any investor pause. But when you are living off your investments in retirement or nearing that point, it may feel like the stakes are higher than they were when you had years or decades before you would start to use your money. So retirees need a plan… Read More

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