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Lower Fees Are Great, if You Actually Get them

By M.P. Dunleavey With Investment costs, less is more. Many investors are getting the message that paying less of mutual funds (or for any investment, really) will put more money in their pockets in the long run. Read the full article here.

Mutual Funds and Taxes: A Primer to Help Lighten the Load

Prepared by: Financial Planning Association Key Points Tax Treatment of Mutual Funds How to Determine a Gain or Loss Four Ways to Determine Cost Basis Other Factors to Consider Some Helpful Hints Points to Remember Filling out your tax return is like compiling the index of a book — the book is complete, but you have to rummage (sometimes painfully) through your work again, assuring accuracy and factual content, in order to make the book easier for someone else to… Read More

Choosing the Right Benchmarks for Your Mutual Fund

Prepared by: Financial Planning Association Key Points What Are Investment Benchmarks? What’s in a Name? Money Market Funds Bond Funds Equity Funds Commonly Used Benchmarks Apples to Apples Consider Appropriate Time Frames Benchmarks Should Be Resources — Not Deciding Factors Points to Remember Community school boards use standardized tests to gauge how their students perform in relation to national averages. On an even more basic level, your local weather forecasters can check the accuracy of their predictions by measuring temperatures… Read More

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