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Lessons from the Chocolate Factory

Thinking about long term care. You may be thinking…”What could I possibly have in common with the four grandparents who lay together in bed?” You may be surprised. Recent statistics cite that 70% of people over 65 will need some sort of long term care services during their lifetime. Most of us will not require an extended stay in a facility. We will likely rely on our family to provide us with care. It’s estimated that nearly 80% of all… Read More

Underestimating Long Term Care Costs

By Richard Eisenberg   Americans are drastically underestimating to cost of long term care. According to a 2016 Genworth study, the average American underestimates the cost of in-home care by nearly 50%. With in- home care as the most popular type of long term care being used by older Americans it important to realize the monthly cost averages about $3,900. Why are we miscalculating? For most, the first time people give ‘serious’ thoughts to the costs is when they need… Read More

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