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Are you waiting for a crisis?

Prepared by Adri Miller Consulting Are you like most women? Will you wait for a crisis before you are ready to become smart about money? “A crisis”, by definition, is a quick and sudden change marked by instability and chaos.  Put another way, a crisis is an event that feels as if the universe is trying to shake you into action.  And sadly, it often does take a crisis to wake women up and get them moving – anything from… Read More

Turning 30 and Getting Serious About Finances

Prepared by Financial Planning Association Throughout her 20s, Nancy Corwin dreaded the day she turned the big 3-0.1 Then the day finally came—and went. “And it was no big deal,” said Nancy. “It was really sort of a letdown after all that worrying,” she joked. One thing did change for Nancy, however. She decided to get serious about her financial life—and her future. The Future Starts Now “It took me a while to get out of that college lifestyle,” said… Read More

Ten Investment Mistakes to Avoid

Prepared by Financial Planning Association Who needs a pyramid scheme or a crooked money manager when you can lose money in the stock market all by yourself. If you want to help curb your loss potential, avoid these 10 strategies. Go with the herd. If everyone else is buying it, it must be good, right? Wrong. Investors tend to do what everyone else is doing and are overly optimistic when the market goes up and overly pessimistic when the market… Read More

Is a Cash Windfall in Your Future?

By Elaine Floyd, CFP® It might look like “sudden money,” but cash windfalls are often easy to spot – sometimes years ahead of time – if you know where and how to look. Never is financial advice more urgently needed than when you come into a large amount of cash. Complacence is no longer an option when you look at a check with several commas and realize that depositing it into an existing checking or savings account must be a… Read More

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