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How To Plan For Your Pets After You’re Gone

By Trust Advisor Staff, Contributor Americans love their pets. In fact, about 65% of U.S. households — roughly 80 million total — have at least one pet. That’s according to the Insurance Information Institute, which also found that cats are slightly more popular than dogs. For many of these households, pets are often seen as members of the family. And while we don’t have to think about sending our pets to college or listen to them complain, if you worry… Read More

And Baby Makes Three

Prepared by Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. So you’re going to have or adopt a baby. Congratulations! Parenthood may be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. As you prepare for life with your baby, here are a few things you should think about. Reassess your budget You’ll have to buy a lot of things before (or soon after) your baby arrives. Buying a new crib, stroller, car seat, and other items you’ll need could cost you well… Read More

Family Money: Failure to Communicate

Prepared by   Fidelity study finds parents and adult children at odds on when to talk about finances. In life and money, timing is often everything. And that’s particularly true when it comes to sensitive family discussions about retirement security, eldercare, and estate planning. According to Fidelity’s latest Fidelity Investments’ biennial Family & Finance study,1 Approximately 9 in 10 parents and their children see the importance of having frank conversations about a number of issues affecting parents when they… Read More

How to Handle Kids Moving Back Home after College

Written by: My Dollar Plan Your precious little one who recently graduated may have moved back home “temporarily” until they find a decent job or maybe they did so just to save money so they could pay down their student loan debt faster. Whatever the case may be, you now have an adult child living at home. If you haven’t had any issues yet, consider yourself lucky. Issues will arise so it is important that both parties, parents and children,… Read More

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