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Child ID Theft: 8 Steps to Keep Your Kids Safe

–Devin Kropp You are not the only one who needs to be on guard about their personal data safety. Minor children are 35 times more likely than adults to suffer ID theft. Here’s what parents need to know. The latest target of identity thieves is not you, but rather your children. With little to no financial history, minors make an unsuspecting and easily exploited target. According to a Child Identity Fraud Survey conducted by Javelin Strategy and Research, one in… Read More

Everything you need to know about a Credit Freeze

By Kristin Wong The Equifax breach may have lots of you nervous about your credit. Is a Freeze Necessary? In the wake of this massive breach Equifax suggests that you subscribe to their credit monitoring service or freeze your credit. Lost trust of Equifax?  We don’t blame you. You can monitor your credit report and your accounts on your own. As for freezing your credit, it may seem like best way to protect yourself, however it can be tedious, time… Read More

4 Things to Know About the Equifax Breach

By Devin Kropp  – Horsesmouth The Equifax hack has left many concerned about their personal information. While we still have a lot to learn about last week’s hack, here are four things we do know. Last week’s mega-breach at Equifax has left many scrambling to protect their identity. The credit bureau believes that up to 143 million people were affected- some 44% of the population. It’s likely that your information has been exposed and, if you have not already, you… Read More

Here’s how you can build your credit score

By Sarah Shemkus You need to buy a car and finance it with a loan. But the bank turns you down, citing a lack of credit history. You decide to take a look at your credit score to learn more about your situation, but can’t figure out how. Friends say their credit cards give them access to their credit scores, but you don’t have any credit cards. If you did, you might not be in this situation. Read the full… Read More

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