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10 Tips for Maximizing Financial Aid

By Elaine Floyd, CFP® College tuition is so expensive that even high-income families can get offers of financial aid. Your first step is to complete the federal forms, and then contact the school directly to further negotiate a financial aid package. Every year the College Board faces a public relations challenge: how to accurately report trends in college pricing without discouraging high school students from going on to college. So in addition to its annual booklet “Trends in College Pricing,”… Read More

Paying for Graduate School

Prepared by Broadridge Investor Communication Solutions, Inc. Maybe you’ve decided that graduate school is the path to advancement in your current job or your ticket to a better career. Or maybe you just want to take a few classes to upgrade your skills. Either way, returning to school as an adult often involves financial sacrifices. How will you pay for it? Personal savings, financial aid, employer-funded tuition, and private loans may be available to you, and education tax credits might… Read More

Last Minute Tax Breaks For College Savings

By Ashlea Ebeling, Forbes Staff College savings and tax time can go hand in hand, especially in the seven states with tax day deadlines for contributions to 529 plans. State tax subsidies for contributions are an additional come-on above the real powerful tax play of 529 plans: The money you contribute grows tax-free and comes out federal and state income-tax-free when the beneficiary you name uses it for college and grad school expenses—tuition, room and board, even a laptop. Read… Read More

How to Manage a 529 Plan for Your Child’s Education

By ANN CARRNS Saving money in a 529 plan offers families a way to put cash away for college and save on taxes as well. But if your child is entering high school soon, it’s time to double-check the allocation of your investments. Read more here:

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